About Us

Aspiring dreams brings love and joy. Two brothers, Mr Suleman Lakhani and Mr Sohil Lakhani, had their plans of replacing love with food. In 1998, with utmost zeal ‘Eat and Joy’ had taken its root. Providing the best taste to the customers, and having passion put into it was their only motto. They baked and served every item from their own ovens. 

This well-established bakery ‘Eat and Joy’, serves all kinds of confectionary and bakery items such as cakes, pastries, breads, puffs, snacks, cookies and mouth-watering savouries that one do not want to miss. The cakes that are baked under our hood have been loved consistently by our customers, they have been loyal by travelling this long 23 years journey with us.

This love is been flourishing ever since the beginning, as we do not compromise on the quality of materials that we use for preparing this astounding cakes. We focus to have ascertain hygienic norms, which are our pride. We foster 3 vows, i.e., service, compassion and taste. Till date we don’t have a single customer walking out empty handed.

The smell of freshly baked bread and biscuits reaches your nose, while beautifully iced cakes and pastries call out to you from the shelves. Before you gather your thoughts and pick up what you need, you find that you’ve also bought stuff that you didn’t plan for. This is the magic of ‘Eat and Joy’. So, whether you’re picking up a cake for a special occasion, a loaf of bread for breakfast, some crunchy cookies to go with your cup of tea, or a decadent dessert to satiate your sweet tooth, don’t be surprised if you walk out with a bulging bag of baked treats. As our confectionary items cannot be resisted by anyone.

Our kitchen’s heart, which is our staff including bakers, drivers, and our management have been putting their best efforts to serve day and night the best quality service that one could imagine. We love our customers who had tied up with us for our exceptional service to get a ‘smile’ on each face. 

Our secret is simple, we use the freshest of ingredients in each item that we bake. Since past 2 decades, We have expertise our taste to the best confectionery Savourier that cannot be challenged.